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Instructional Computer Facility

Welcome to the instructional computer facility for undergraduate engineering majors. On this site you can get help with technical issues, report problems, download software, and reserve equipment & rooms.

Help and Support

  • Lab monitors will have regularly schedule hours in the instructional computing lab.
    • Click here for a lists of the lab monitors' hours.
    • Please contact the lab monitor for help and support with any issues.
  • You can report a problem using our online form.
  • Or you may also email us with any issues or concerns.

Logging on

  • Only engineering concentrators or students registered for engineering courses have access to the computing facilities.

Password Criteria


  • 30 Minutes Auto Logoff Policy - Due to security concerns of users not logging off properly in the facility we have implemented a 30 minutes auto logoff policy.
    • Windows will logoff automatically when the computer stays idle for 30 minutes.
    • Any running applications or opened files will be closed without saving.
    • If you do need to leave the computer for more than 30 minutes please save work and log off to avoid issues.


User's Home Directory

  • The user's home directory will be automatically mapped to the U: drive.
    • User's My Documents and Desktop will be redirected to user's Home Directory.

Temporary Work Spaces and Scratch Folders

  • D:\TEMP, D:\TMP, D:\Scratch and D:\Working Folder are the temporary work spaces and scratch folders for programs or projects that require larger space.
  • Please note that all temporary work space and scratch folder contents are removed at logoff.